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Making the Business More Resilient

With increasing demands on coffee and environmental pressures accumulating, sustainability in our daily brew is more crucial than ever.

With climate change posing real threats to coffee cultivation regions globally, 50% of the land suitable for coffee growing could disappear by 2050, therefore practicing circularity will help mitigate risks.

By regenerating ecosystems, valorizing millions of tons of biowaste and recycling packaging and materials, circular economy implementation will make the business more resilient for farmers, traders, roasters and all the stakeholders across the coffee value chain.

Taking steps on the direct experience of the partners, the Center offers a real chance of concretizing the application of circular economy good practices.

The Center is now open to all players in the coffee supply chain

Coffee Growers and Producer Organizations

Learn, develop, and pilot circular innovations to build a more resilient, sustainable, and profitable business.

Funders and Social Impact Investors

Be at the forefront of accelerating circular economy in the coffee sector by supporting new initiatives and pilot projects.

Research Centers and Academia

Collaborate, share knowledge, propose new initiatives, and conduct research with a global multi-stakeholders network.

Coffee Sector Companies

Improve, implement, and share circular initiatives with support from a scientific network and connection with a global network of like-minded organizations.

Start-ups and Circular Products

Connect with other companies to source coffee byproducts, learn and share best practices, and inform the direction of circular economy in coffee.

Nonprofits, Associations, and Government

Propose new initiatives, share best practices, and connect with research and private sector actors for potential collaborations.

We seek to:

Offer a space or easy ways to access partners’ knowledge, learning, and peer support

Proactively identify opportunities for innovative collaboration or synergies, from the operational to the policy level, benefitting different individuals or groups of partners at any given point

Foster shared understanding of strategic issues and knowledge gaps for the future of circular economy in coffee

Offer the possibility to influence or inform the work of partners operating in different parts of the ecosystem, also with a view to addressing bottlenecks affecting a partner’s work

Align around effective circular economy solutions to emerging challenges in the sector

FEES €/year

How to apply ?

The C4CEC is available for organizations and companies. Individuals interested in joining the initiative can participate in ITC’s Coffee Guide Network Circular Economy Working Group to create new practical resources for the coffee sector.

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Admission procedure

What happens next?

The Center for Circular Economy in Coffee team will verify whether the candidate fulfills the required conditions, after which the application will be submitted for approval to the Center for Circular Economy in Coffee Board of Directors. The applicant will be informed about the process, and in case of approval, be granted access to membership resources.